Company History - "A Family Atmosphere"

Doug and Alison Thiel formed Thiel Air Care in 1997 with a family atmosphere in mind. Throughout the years various members of the family have been, and continue to be involved; either in the office, out in the fields, or in the air as one of the pilots.

A family Atmosphere is how we are most comfortable and wouldn’t have it any other way! Every member of our payroll have become part of our extended family! We love interacting with our customers and vendors and will do everything possible to make working with us a personal and enjoyable experience!

Our Pilot Staff

Ross Anderson

Robert Thiel

Art Handy

Andrew Robinson

Our pilot staff includes a mix of experience and youth. Art Handy has been with flying Ag Airplanes since 1993 after a 20 year career in the Air Force as a high ranking mechanic. He has amassed over 30,000 hours of flight time and brings tremendous skill and professionalism with him.

The future of the Company lies with the son and son-in law of the Company. Robert Thiel after college spent two tours in Iraq while in the Air Force flies the Jet Ranger. He is a constant student of Aerial Application and has become very proficient in the Helicopter.  Ross Anderson is married to the boss’s daughter, a second generation Ag Pilot and the son of a champion of Aviation. He displays tremendous skill and like Robert is a student of business.

Our Ground Crew

Operations Supervisor - Matt Shuemake

Shop Supervisor - Larry Tubbs

Aircraft Maintenance - Martin Marquez

Truck Maintenance - Skip Whiton

Field Finder Crew - Raymond Salazar, Jose Sanches, Alex Velasquez

Loading Crew - Aaron Rocha, Leroy Conley, Jason Tubbs, Gabriel Olaque

In today’s “Precision Agriculture” the ground crew cannot be overlooked. Along with advanced materials that are so specific to their use, application rates have become so exact devastating mistakes can be made before the material ever gets pumped to the airplane. Also the urbanization California is experiencing brings Aerial Application an immense amount of risk we didn’t have to deal with in the past. The “Field Finders” a tasked with dealing with problems that cause heartache for everyone. Our “Ground Crew” is second to no-one.

Office Staff

Amy Anderson

Anita Diedrich

Stephanie Barajas

Christina Shepherd

We couldn't operate wiithout our office staff. We are believers in technology and utilize it every way possible, which all starts in the office. GIS Mapping has made life in the cockpit much easier both day and night; however this is all dependent on the accuracy of the inputted information.

Our staff consists of Doug & Alison's Daughter, Amy Anderson. Anita Diedrich a Firebaugh native, with an impeccable moral compass and a profound dedication to details making her invaluable! Christina is responsible for processing work orders start to finish, and is tasked with making your life better when you need us.